Minister Gaston Dossouhoui Photo: Benin web tv

Minister Gaston Dossouhoui, in charge of agriculture, met with stakeholders in the sector. State structures, territorial development agencies and project/programme coordinators also attended these exchanges, where discussions were held on strategies to be implemented to achieve the production of 1 million tonnes of rice in 2022.

Benin, a country that has been producing rice for a few years, is launching a challenge for 2022. The country wants to reach the production of 1 million tonnes of rice. In addition to the technical and financial resources that the government is committing to achieving this objective, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries has met with stakeholders to encourage them.

The authorities wanted an emergency plan to be drawn up to increase production to 1 million tonnes in 2022 to exceed the more than 400,000 tonnes of rice production produced today. The achievement of this performance should make it possible not only to feed the domestic market but also to consider a probable export.

Pressure to close Nigerian borders

According to Minister Gaston Dossouhoui, this decision of to go beyond performance is partly due to the cyclical closure of Nigeria’s borders. “The reality of cyclical closures of Nigeria’s borders leads us to be more ambitious,” he said, according to comments reported on the government’s official website.

The Minister is aware that the objective cannot be achieved if the work is focused on producers alone. “It requires support in advising producers, rigorous monitoring of technical routes, good crop organization to minimize post-harvest losses. When we set qualitative and quantitative objectives, we are familiar with performance. Something must change in your time,” he said.


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