African leader nominated for 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

The recognition of the peace efforts of men or organizations around the world is an important event. The Nobel Peace Prize is established to recognize this type of action each year.

According to several ethiopian media, the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize could be awarded to the country’s Prime Minister. Speculations that are based on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s efforts to bring peace between his country and his neighbour Eritrea. The peace agreement signed last July, which ended a nearly 20-year military stalemate with Eritrea following the 1998-2000 border war, is one of Abiy’s greatest victories.

Asle Sveen, a historian who has written several books on the Nobel Peace Prize, told Reuters that this agreement had allowed Abiy to become the type of candidate Alfred Nobel was considering. “The peace agreement ended a long conflict with Eritrea and he is very popular for doing so, and he is leading democratic reforms at the domestic level,” Sveen said. Abiy is the favourite to receive the Nobel Prize this year. It will be delivered on friday.

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