Les lauréats du Prix Nobel de chimie [email protected]

Nobel Week continues in Stockholm, Sweden. This Wednesday, the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded an American, a British and a Japanese for their work on lithium-ion batteries.

John Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino, respectively of American, British and Japanese nationality, are the winners of the current year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry. According to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which awards the prize, the honourees were rewarded for the use of lithium batteries, which are now of vital importance.

This type of lightweight, rechargeable and powerful battery is now used everywhere, in phones and computers and electric vehicles. It can also conserve significant amounts of solar and wind energy, paving the way for a society free of fossil fuels,” the academy said. Beginning last Monday, Nobel Week rewarded several personalities in the field of medicine and physics. After chemistry this Wednesday, Thursday will be followed by the most anticipated prize: the Nobel Peace Prize. The curtains will fall on the 2019 edition after the award of the Nobel Prize for Economics expected on Monday, 14 October.


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