After claiming responsibility for drone’s attacks on Saudi oil facilities, Yemen’s Houthi rebels announced an end to attacks on Saudi Arabia.

The announcement came from the head of the Houthi’s political council, Mahdi al-Mashat. He said the forces military’s movement’ ‘ceased his attacks on Saudi Arabia with the use of drones and other weapons,’ sputnik reports. In return, the media reports that Houthis expect a similar statement from Riyadh, promising to end the attacks on Yemeni territory. The political leader added that his movement reserves the right to respond if Saudi Arabia ignores the offer. Last saturday, a drone strike on Saudi oil facilities paralyzed nearly half of the country’s production in black gold. Houhis immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

However, Riyadh does not believe that the Yemenis may have carried out the attack and instead blames Iran. United States was the first to mention the Iranian track at the near end of the attack. On 19 september, the Saudi military presented parts of the missiles and drones used in the attacks, claiming they were from iranian origin.United States supported the accusations, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling the act an “act of war” on Iran’s part. Tehran denies any wrongdoing and maintains that these are only advanced pretexts to attack its country, warning that it would respond vehemently to any attack.


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