United States: Donald Trump appoints new National Security Advisor

The American President holds John Bolton’s successor. Robert O’Brien is Donald Trump’s new Security Advisor.

A week after John Bolton’s resignation, the White House resident announced the identity of his successor. On tweeter, Trump said Robert O’Brien will take over this prestigious position. “I am pleased to announce that I will appoint Robert C. O’Brien, who has had many successes as presidential special envoy for the release of hostages at the State Department, as the new National Security Advisor. I worked long and hard with Robert. He’ll do a good job! “tweeted the Republican.

USA : démission du tout puissant conseiller à la sécurité nationale de Donald Trump

Robert O’Brien’s appointment brings the number of Special Advisors on National Security to four since the billionaire took over as head of the United States. Disagreeing with John Bolton on the North Korean and Afghan issue, the American head of state had pushed him to resign. But several other media have mentioned the thesis of “dismissal“.

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