Stephane Bern

After several years of idyll, Stephan Bern announced last april her separation with her former companion Lionel. So what is this little ‘special’ detail that have droved them to separation?

Stephan Bern, a television figure for several years, has decided not to hide his private life. Thus, in august 2017 she reveals a little more by posing on the front page of Paris match with Lionel, her companion. Proud and delighted at the time of this act but, surprised by the reactions by paying dearly this approach. Since last April, it was their breakup that he announced on the set of It will not come out of here on France 2, declaring her status as ”single”.

According to her words this wednesday  18 september 2019,in the columns of Tvgrama newsstands, this  separation is the result of the sudden media coverage of his couple. “This coverage had an effect I didn’t expect: ruining my privacy. It is violent for the other to be exposed in this way.” The host’s primary intention with the publication of this front page, was above all to highlight the LGBT community and push the youngest to stop hiding and he recalled: “The issue has sold nine hundred thousand copies. These symbolic gestures are often stronger than speeches.” He went on to say that he “felt it helped.” “The letters received afterwards, especially from young people, confirmed it to me. I was the first boy to do it,” he said. (

“To live happily, let’s live hidden”…

Stéphane Bern now confirms this adage. A few weeks before the announcement of his separation from Lionel, Stephan Bern already regretted having spread his love life in the front page of magazines: “I was wrong to mention it [his private life, NDLR] and it was the ideal remedy to kill her. To live happily, let’s live hidden. The saying is true.



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