Bénin – Législatives 2019 : Jean-Baptiste Elias confond Emmanuel Tiando et fait des révélations

The president of the National Anti-Corruption Authority has just confused President Emmanuel Tiando and his team on the processing of applications for the parliamentary elections on Sunday 28 April 2019. Without a tongue-in-cheek, he revealed how “major faults” were ignored at the level of the two blocs of the movement while the opposition was prevented.

The secrets of the deliberation of the candidacy files on behalf of the last legislative elections are put in the public square. Invited this Sunday, April 28, 2019 in the socio-political program “Without tongue of Wood” of Sun fm, the president of the national anti-corruption authority, Jean-Baptiste Elias made revelations about mistakes yet “major”; to use the theme of President Emmanuel Tiando, ignored by the Autonomous National Electoral Commission (Anec) when reviewing the nomination files. According to the man nicknamed “Mister anti-corruption”, “major” errors were contained in candidacy files submitted by the political blocs supporting the head of state.

One of these major faults was irregularities on pieces presented by certain candidates of the movement. Even statements about honour would not have been signed by candidates whose records have been validated. “If for minor faults, we reject for some and we validate for others, there is a problem,” says Jean-Baptiste Elias. According to his statements, several members of the eighth legislature are elected on the basis of documents with irregularities.

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