Benin: The 7th legislature have created a shortfall to the state

The Government of Benin, in its council of Wednesday, September 11, decided to take over the social contributions of more than three thousand workers for the period they will spend outside the administration until the age of 60 years. This measure, beyond its social character, remains a consequence of the inconsistent laws passed by Adrien Houngbedji and his colleagues.

Nearly three billion francs CFA have to be paid to pay the contributions of agents admitted to retirement earlier than expected. This is the staggering sum of two billion seven hundred twenty-five million eight hundred forty-six thousand three hundred and twenty-seven (2,725,846,327) FCfa that will be released by the public purse for this purpose. All political, social, and even diplomatic actors are of the view that the decision is beneficial. But the question is how did we get to this point?

The real cause of this waste  the government is obliged to do social justice and fairness , is the consequence of the laws passed by the deputies of the seventh legislature. In fact, the State agents concerned were recruited on the basis of Law No. 86-014 of 26 September 1986 on the Code of Civil and Military Retirement Pensions. According to this law, all civil servants must have contributed to the National Social Security Fund for at least fifteen years or have reached the age of 60 before retiring. But in 2016, the deputies of the 7th legislature modified and completed the concerned law.


For example, by Law No. 2015-19 of November  15th, 2016, they forced some workers to withdraw from public administration before the required age. Article 2 of the new law provides that, in order to benefit from a retirement pension, it is necessary to be 60 years of age for Category A agents, 58 years for Category B employees and 55 years for staff members categories C and D. Without specifying that an exceptional measure is required for those already in office.

The shortfall to the state

The state loses without gaining anything in return. The 3,100 retirees concerned could have been maintained in a special way, from the moment they were hired before the amending law, to serve the state and make the contributions themselves. Now they are no longer contributing to the bailout of the state coffers. They no longer participate in the creation of the surplus value. However, the state uses the taxes of others to serve their interests. Every member of Parliament who voted for this legislation must be able to draw the appropriate conclusions. The newly elected, those of the eighth, mostly members of the seventh, must work their brains before allowing the implementation of a law from now on.

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  1. Amelagbe says

    These representatives in parliament were asked by President Talon to vote without discussions or thoughts…
    The results is there , ill designed laws, including special extra judicial court creation ( criet), botched revision of the criminal code, anti democratic laws excluding oppositions parties from the electoral process under the pretense of reforms.

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