Safarel Obiang: “It is not for me to educate your children…”

The Ivorian singer Safarel Obiang is at the heart of a major controversy. His new concept “Ahoco” even if it makes people dance in the streets of Ivory Coast is not to the liking of some people, especially conservatives and people who are keen on good education. Violently criticized on this new sound, the artist responds and explains himself.

Ahoco” is the new sound that is currently making the buzz in Ivory Coast. Children, young people, girls and boys are having a great time. But one category of person is against this new concept of the artist. For the latter, the artist who should be an example does not give a good education on this new release. In other words, “Ahoco” is perceived as an attack on morals.

Indeed, the term “Ahoco” means “to masturbate“. And in dance demonstrations, movements can easily reflect the image of someone masturbating. But paradoxically, the artist who created the conept does not see things from this angle. Worse, he says he doesn’t know that “Ahoco” meant “masturbating“.

“I didn’t know “Ahoco” meant “masturbate”

To respond to criticism following a demonstration video where a child undressed, the “coupé-décalé” artist spreads his ignorance on the term “Ahoco”. According to him, he did not call his concept “Ahoco” to promote the depravity of morals.  “I didn’t know “Ahoco” meant “masturbate“. “Ahoco” in my “sound” is a musical instrument for hitting. I didn’t ask this child to undress (on the video of the demo),” he explained according to the comments reported by Vibe Radio.

Safarel Obiang on Children’s education …

For the artist, his musical style is not made to educate; but to make people dance. It invites parents to take care of their children’s education personally and not wait for an artist to do it for them. “It’s not my job to educate your children… The coupé décalé is for dancing. It’s fun. It is up to each of us to take responsibility for the education of our children,” he said.

He does not intend to give up on criticism and prejudice. Safarel Obiang promises the official release of the sound this week.

Demonstration of the “Ahoco” danse 

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