Presidential in Tunisia: the Islamist party Ennahdha calls to vote Kaïs Saïed

In Tunisia, negotiations on behalf of the presidential round are continuing in the various political staffs. Last Thursday, the Islamist party Ennahdha chose Kaïs Saïed as the candidate.

Having reached the top of the first round of the presidential elections in Tunisia on Septembe 15th, candidate Kais Saied can now count on the conservative Islamist party led by Rached Ghannouchi. “The executive board of the Ennahdha movement has met and supports Kaïs Saïed,” Abdelkarim Harouni, who chairs the shura, the party’s advisory body, said Thursday evening. Following him, Imed Khemiri, the party’s spokesman said “Ennahdha has chosen to support the people’s choice“. The party will meet early next week to formalize this support.

Présidentielle en Tunisie: le candidat Nabil Karoui reste en prison (avocats)

Before this political party, several personalities and presidential candidates also called for the vote of the academic Kaïs Saïed. As for his rival Nabil Karoui, who has been in prison for more than a month, no official support has yet been recorded. However, several political parties are slow to take a position. The second round of the presidential election will take place between October 6th and 13th.

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