Nigerian borders closure : A Beninese king denounces invisible hands

Few weeks ago, Nigeria has closed its borders with neighbouring countries, including Benin. This situation is weighing on Benin’s economy and leaves no one indifferent. Through a press statement made on Tuesday, September 17th, 2019, the King of Avrankou, His Majesty Latche Hôlou Guidimandjègbè Agbanchecon, expressed his opinion on the situation.

Beyond the official reasons given for the closure of the Nigerian borders, His Majesty Latchè Hôlou Guidimandjègbè Agbanchecon believes that there may be invisible hands from Beninese political actors that complicate the situation. “In our investigations, some inform us of the invisible hands of some of our political compatriots behind this tactic,” he said.

According to the king of Avrankou, those who would engage in this act should know that they are hurting the country. “If this is confirmed, we will want to tell them to withdraw… For they do more harm than to the people than to the rulers. And we ask them to measure the impact of this closure on the well-being of women, children, youth and adults,” he said.

A call to President Patrice Talon

In his statement, the king also addressed the Head of State. He asked him, on behalf of the High Council of Kings of Benin, to consider the conditions issued by the Nigerian rulers in order to find a solution. He also reported that negotiations are being initiated by the kings of Benin with the Nigerian president for a thaw in the crisis between the two countries.

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