Nigeria angry with the United Nations over a security report

The United Nations has released a report on the evaluation of the state of insecurity in Nigeria. This report immediately provoked a reaction from the Nigerian government, which rejected the experts’ work as disappointing.

Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Advertising, said in a statement on Friday that the UN report did not reflect the real situation in Nigeria. Quoted by Sahara reporter, the spokesman described the work of the United Nations as disappointing. Although the government has admitted that violence is a challenge, the government has also addressed the problem at all levels, in collaboration with state governments, says the same source.

The UN report indicated that intra-group violence was one of the main factors contributing to the wave of general insecurity. This deduction was categorically rejected by the Nigerian presidency. “In Benue, Taraba, Cross River and many parts of the country, most victims are the result of intra-group, inter-group and community violence. Many displaced people across the country are also victims of these conflicts. Therefore, we are saddened by the fact that the report did not treat intra-ethnic conflicts and livestock theft as key elements of conflicts between herders and farmers,” Shehu said.

A highly evocative report

UN rapporteur Agnes Callamard, in a report this month, said that “Nigeria is a flagship of conflict“, warning that it poses a serious danger to the rest of West Africa. In addition to the widespread massacres perpetrated by Boko Haram, it referred to acts of banditry, massacres committed by herders for the right of access to agricultural land, kidnappings and alleged increasing human rights violations by Nigerian security forces.

Callamard said that “the absence of responsibility is such that claiming that it is nothing less than a crisis will be a serious mistake. If ignored, its ripple effect will spread throughout the sub-region, given the important role the country plays on the continent.

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