New Zealand: He brings a clown to his dismissal interview

Local media reported earlier this week on the story of an employee of an advertising agency who hired a clown to support him during his dismissal interview.

In companies in New Zealand, every employee has the right to be accompanied by a lawyer, a union, a colleague, a friend, during his dismissal interview. He will be there to support the employee who is about to hear bad news.

Joshua Thompson, a New Zealander, asked for the services of a clown to help him cope with his dismissal. An employee of an Auckland advertising agency, he has hired a clown to support him during his interview. The agency’s management had informed the employee of bad news that will be announced during the interview. “I thought it would be best to come with a professional, so I paid $200 to hire a clown,” Joshua told the local media.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the clown had started to mimic tears when the employee was expected to sign the dismissal documents. He also made animals such as a poodle and a unicorn.

Much appreciated by the agency’s director, this approach allowed Joshua to show his passion for humorous art. According to some local media, Joshua, who presents himself on social networks as an amateur comedian, has already found another job as an advertising writer in another agency.

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