National dialogue in Cameroon: Paul Biya gets the opponent Cabral Libii’s quitus

In Cameroon, preparations for the national dialogue are well underway. Former 2018 presidential candidate Cabral Libii announced his participation in the consultation.

The news must certainly please the Yaounde regime. The  time when several other parties and political leaders are laying down important conditions for participation in the national dialogue, former candidate Cabral Libii, who came third in the last presidential election, has given his quitus. After a hearing last Thursday with Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ugute, the Law teacher said he was ready to make his contribution. “This is a crucial issue that is above partisan divides (…) We must be able to come together to find a lasting solution, if not definitive to this issue. So as long as we’re in that frame of mind, I’ll be part of the dialogue,” he said. (English)

To believe him, if these discussions will be a loophole or a façade for power, he will soon renounce his commitment. Announced during President Paul Biya’s speech to the nation on tuesday 10 september, dialogue will address key issues including the English-speaking part’s crisis and political issues. It will take place from September 30 to October 4 at the Yaounde Convention Center under the chairmanship of The Head of Government Joseph Dion Ugute.

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