Narcisse Tomety on the suprema court’s speech : ” We shived…Bravo Ousmane Batoko”

The old Director of “Nouvelle Conscience” school , Professor Simon Narcisse Tomety said his satisfactions to the supreme court president for his audacious speech at the scientific seminary of the constitutional court opening.

“I’m glad of M. Ousmane Batoko” Simon Narcisse Tomety exclamed to give his appreciation  for the audacious speech he gave at the scientific seminary of the constitutional court opening. “I am very happy and proud of the speech of the President of the Supreme Court Ousmane Batoko at the opening of the scientific symposium on the evaluation of the Constitutional Court of Benin. An audacious speech that projected fear over the wall. A scientific discourse because a man of science speaks to make truth possible and sensible awareness” he pointed out

For the former political companion of the current  general secretary of the presidency of the republic, Irénée Pascal Koupaki, the president of the Supreme Court has been able to assert itself in a country where all the executives have the fear in the stomach, unable to say truths but to force to support what they reject in the depths of themselves. “We have lied enough between ourselves and we are no longer kids to spend time lying to mum and dad, we have been shiving enough, we must oppose science to manipulation, politics is highly scientific.” he insists. To believe it, when one is responsible, one assumes, whatever the consequences. “Thank you Mr. Ousmane Batoko, you have protected your name to defend what virtue should be in a republic .You are really a man of science. May remain an example to follow because we have doubted also at some point of you.” he concluded.


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