The verdict has finally been reached for journalist Hajar Raissouni. Accused of “illegal abortion, debauchery and sexual relations outside marriage”, Hajar Raissouni was sentenced to one year in prison.

The Moroccan justice system has just cleared a very controversial case. On Monday, 30 September, it sentenced journalist Hajar Raissouni to one year in prison on suspicion of “illegal abortion and debauchery and sexual relations outside marriage”. A case that has rekindled tensions in Rabat since his arrest on 30 August. In addition to the journalist, her fiancé was sentenced to one year and her gynaecologist to two years.

Since her arrest, several demonstrations have taken place in Rabat and other Moroccan cities to denounce a legal attack on this journalist of the Arabic-language newspaper Akhbar Al Yaoum. The latter denies the accusations while talking about “a political matter“. For her, her arrest is linked to her recent articles on detainees of the Hirak social movement (protest movement in the Moroccan Rif, editor’s note) reports TV5 Monde. At the announcement of this sentence, Internet users did not hide their indignation at what they describe as a “masquerade”.


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