Meghan Markle: these 7 jewels that have a sentimental value for her

Since joining the British royal family, the Duchess of Sussex has been in the spotlight. This time it is on her look and very especially some jewels, seven (07) in total (Necklaces, rings, bracelet…) that she only leaves on very rare occasions.

Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry in May 2018, joined the British Royal Family. The young woman continues to shine with her remarkable elegance. After her dressing style which makes many people dream, it is around her jewellery that her fans keep bringing their compliments. But, what are these jewels?

According to the Closer website, there are seven (07) pieces of jewellery that are so popular. From the necklaces to the rings we can note. Archie’s mother wears a Mini brand pendant, decorated with the letters “A” and “H” for the two men of her life, Archie and Harry. When she is not wearing this pendant, Meghan Markle chooses a necklace “A” offered by the Australian brand Verse. She can also wear a Jennifer Meyer “Mummy” necklace around her neck, considered a birth gift. Finally, the last necklace in the Duchess of Sussex’s collection, the one made by Right Hand Gal with the letters “H” and “M” written on it.

Meghan Markle Duchess of Sussex on October 3th, [email protected]

Other than the famous blue pearl bracelet that Meghan and Harry once wore together, she also wears two rings in her hands that she almost never leaves. An “H” shaped ring, to show Prince Harry his love once again, and a ring on which the word “Love” is written.

prince harry and meghan markle-portaient-meme-bracelet-debut-their meeting


Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex pregnant, visits Hubb Community Kitchen in London on November 21st, [email protected]


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