Mali: Niono police commissioner murdered by the population

Protesters stormed the police station in the city of Niono, 270 km north of Bamako, on Thursday, September 19th, 2019, and murdered the commissioner. There were also several wounded and one young civilian killed.

This Thursday, the tension was electric in the city of Niono. A human tide has stormed the city commissioner and demands the departure of commissioner Issiaka Tounkara. The police reportedly resisted by firing warning shots to deter the crowd. But that was without taking into account the unwavering determination of the mobs who immediately threw stones before setting fire to the police premises.

Our commissioner was killed by demonstrators who accused him of abuses. He was back after a two-week absence. His departure was requested by the people, who could not bear his return,” an official of the Niono local police station told AFP, speaking anonymously: “The demonstrators ransacked the station, they burned equipment, other police officers are injured,” he added.

“The Commissioner is a friend of the gangsters. Since his appointment, motorcycle thefts, robberies and shops looting have increased,” one demonstrator accused.

For the moment, no official reports have yet been released. The disenchantment between the police station and the inhabitants is said to have started during a vignette control operation. A motorcyclist was reportedly pushed by a police officer during this operation, which left him with a broken leg. The rise of hostilities between communities is increasing in some cities in Mali.

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