Mali-murder of Niono’s commissioner: national police take action

A contingent of malian national police is reportedly heading to Niono to bring peace to the city, whose commissioner was murdered by protesters on thursday 19 september 2019.

The police station of Niono’s city  was ovesrun on thursday by a human mob demanding the immediate departure of commissioner Issiaka Tounkara. The police tried in vain to disperse them. With the crowd determined, he set fire to the police station and killed Commissioner Issiaka Tounkara, creating a climate of anxiety in the town 270 km north of Bamako.

“bring calm”

On friday, the national police reportedly sent their elements to restore calm and reassure the population of their mission of protecting  malian people. According to our source, this police raid is also aimed at investigating the actors and co-authors of the tragedy that led to the death of Commissioner Issiaka Tounkara in order to bring them to justice.

“A matter of control creates dislove”

According to our sources, the disaffection between Commissioner Issiaka Tounkara and the public stemmed from a police check in which a police officer kicked a citizen who ended up with a broken leg. The public attacked the commissioner who they said was guilty of failing to sanction the police officer who kicked. The death toll is 2 dead and several injured with no less negligible property damage.

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