Mali: arrested, Kemi Seba is henceforth free of his movements

Arrested by the Malian police on Thursday, September 12, 2019 at the International   Modibo Keita Airport, the leader of the NGO Panafricanist Emergencies Kemi Seba, has been released after several hours of interrogation on the reasons of his visit to the country.

The arrest of the French-Beninese in Mali will  a few hours. Coming from Cotonou (his flight has landed at 14:45), as part of the struggle against the expansion of the franc CFA , Kemi SEBA during his descent from the plane and after carrying out all the usual checks had been stopped by the Malian police. He had been asked the reasons why  he  came  to Mali for several hours by the police, the leader of the struggle for the self-determination of Africa Kemi Seba was released. He is now free of all his movements.

Needless to say, many Africans were  scandalizedon social networks at the announcement of the arrest of Kemi Seba and demanded his release in the immediate future. They latter, have just won, we could say.

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