Among other topics of interest on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly is the Libyan crisis. According to Algeria, this crisis will only be resolved by a rapprochement between Libyans.

According to a report by the Libyan New Agency (LNA), Algeria, through its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Bugadoum, has reaffirmed its position on the Libyan problem. For the country, a war fuelled by “tampering” and foreign intervention will never solve the Libyan problem, the media reports. “There can be no solution to the Libyan crisis without a consensus among Libyans themselves and without neighbouring states,” Bugadom told the UN General Assembly.

It is clear that the resolution of this crisis will require a dialogue between the main protagonists in this war. Also, the assistance of Libya’s neighbouring countries is important to strengthen any possible compromise. However, according to the Algerian minister, this would not be enough if the foreign powers did not stop interfering in the crisis by arming the two enemy brothers.


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