Libya: Migrant shot dead while trying to escape coastguard

The International Organization for Migration announced that a sudanese’s man had died from a gunshot wound in Libya. A group of migrants refused to be sent to a detention centre after being sent ashore by the Libyan coastguard in an unsuccessful attempt to enter Europe.

IOM said gunmen opened fire when several people from a group of 103 migrants tried to flee their guards in Tripoli. IOM staff witnessed Thursday’s incident. They say the man was shot in the stomach. He was treated by an IOM doctor at the scene, but died two hours later at a local clinic.

Spokesman Leonard Doyle said shooting “vulnerable unarmed civilians, men, women and children, is unacceptable in all circumstances and raises concerns about the safety of migrants and humanitarian personnel.” Thousands of people try every day to take advantage of the chaos in Libya to pass through it and through the gates of Europe. Many of them die at sea and others are arrested and detained while awaiting deportation.

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