Laeticia Hallyday and Pascal Balland: Their obvious love story

After grieving for Johnny Hallyday’s death, Laeticia now sees life in pink. She finally renewed her love with Pascal Balland. A relationship already merged between the two lovers according to Gala who reveals small gestures that do not deceive.

The one who has managed to put a smile back on her face when she no longer thought she could love a man other than her Johnny is an entrepreneur. His name is Pascal Balland and he heads prestigious Parisian restaurants. Like love at first sight, everything went so fast between the couple who already multiply the “I love you“. Laeticia, who lives in Los Angeles with her daughters, could join her lover in Paris to promote the live album of Les Vieilles Canailles.  But in the meantime, the widow could enjoy their stay this summer by contemplating the photos of her beautiful restaurant owner immortalized on social media.

The observation is visible, on the images, we can see well as Gala points out, “the seductive forty-year-old man and Laeticia accompanied by two relatives, all lying on the deck of a boat, the azure blue sea for decoration. The pose of the small group shows a moment of happiness.” What attracts attention is Pascal Balland’s hand delicately placed on Laeticia’s thigh. “Even Johnny would have been happy to know you were radiant and in love again. You deserve it”, “Life goes on… You have to live in the moment” commented Johnny Hallyday fans.

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