Laurent Gbagbo, former President of Ivory Coast, President of the FPI ph: RFI

Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo, prosecuted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity committed during the 2011 post-election violence and conditionally released, will soon be totally free, according to Apostle Koré Moïse, Laurent Gbagbo’s former advisor and pastor.

Currently in forced exile in Ghana, Pastor Koré Moïse has revisited some of the burning issues of the Ivorian crisis and asserts that “we are still in crisis“. Speaking of the ICC prosecutor’s appeal, Fatou Bensouda, against the ICC Trial Chamber’s decision of January 15th, 2019 to acquit and release Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé, Koré Moïse suggests that Laurent Gbagbo will emerge as the winner of this “umpteenth adversity”.

“I am not surprised by Bensouda’s call. It is in the role assigned to her by her constituents. But one thing is sure and certain, no matter how much we want to delay it, the truth always ends up triumphing,” he said, according to the statements reported by Infodrome, before adding: “From the beginning of this trial to the point where we are today, the dynamics are the same. The accused, yesterday’s convict, gives insomnia and headaches to all his shadow counters.

According to him, the former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo is used to this situation and will soon triumph: “This man will emerge from this umpteenth adversity. He is used to this and it is his destiny that he assumes. We will see him very soon totally free” for the joy of the upright men and for the sadness of the plotters,” he concluded.


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