Kate Middleton: Here are the warning signs of a fourth pregnancy

In recent days, the rumors are linked on the Web. Cause, Kate Middleton would be pregnant for the fourth time with a number of signs that reveal her fans who follow closely.

Is she pregnant with her fourth child? Indeed, according to several fans of the British royal family and relayed by the site Closer Mag, the Duchess of Cambridge would carry in her another Royal Baby. These speculations have gained momentum since last Thursday, September 5th, when Kate Middleton accompanied her son, the 6-year-old Prince George, and her daughter, Princess Charlotte, 4, for their return to school at Thomas’s Battersea , London, accompanied by her husband, Prince William.

Fans of the royal family noticed that the mother of three had made a shorter haircut, with a lighter color than usual. A novelty that may seem anecdotal. For those who follow closely Kate Middleton, she always wears a new hairstyle at the beginning of her pregnancies. As a reminder, before announcing that she was pregnant with Prince Louis, the Duchess of Cambridge cut her hair and cut her bangs at the beginning of her first pregnancy.

According to Phil Dampier, royal expert, Prince William’s wife may well be pregnant for a fourth, eighteen months after the birth of her youngest son. According to him, this hypothesis would not be “surprising” for several reasons. The figure “4” means a lot for the british royal famimly because the royal mother Elizabeth II is mother of four children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Also, the young woman has always loudly proclaimed her desire to found a large family. “A new baby would allow Kate Middleton to move further away from her role as a leader in royal duties,” said the specialist.

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  1. Daniel says

    She will enjoy her life more with 4 children

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