Soro Guillaume, député [email protected]

An icon of french politics retired on thursday 26 september in Paris. When the news broke, reactions rained down from all sides. Sacrificing tradition, Guillaume Soro went back to his first meeting with Jacques Chirac.

Ferké MP distinguished himself in this flood of condolences in memory of Jacques Chirac, a former french leader. In his condolences note relayed on Africa out of 7, the former head of the ivorian government talks about his first meeting with the deceased in Paris. “Having recently arrived in Paris in january 2003 for the negotiations of the Linas-Marcoussis Peace Agreement, I met President Chirac through the former Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Prime Minister of the then French Republic, Mr Dominique de Villepin. Visibly surprised to see this “kid” from Bouaké, President Chirac looked at me with a kind of disbelief,” the parliamentarian wrote.

As several other african personalities have mentioned, she has not failed to salute the qualities of a statesman and a friend of Africa. And to Guillaume Soro to conclude: “While respectfully bowing to the memory of the deceased, I extend to his wife Bernadette and his daughter Claude Chirac, but also to the People’s Friend of France, my deepest and most sincere condolences”. President of the French Republic from 17 May 1995 to 16 May 2007, this senior official died on Thursday in Paris in his 87th year.


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