Geoffrey Serey Dié @Panoramic

Ivorian midfielder Geoffroy Serey Die announced his international retirement last week. This decision did not leave the Ivorian Football Federation (IFF) indifferent.

Except in the case of an about-face, the former captain of the Ivory Coast Elephants, Geoffroy Serey Die, will no longer post the orange jersey of his country’s national team. The twirling player withdrew from the national team after a less mixed CAN in Egypt. But the player’s individual performance is recognized for its true value. This is what prompted the Ivorian Football Association to give him its deep gratitude while wishing him a good career.

In a statement, the federation’s executive committee joined the Ivorian people in congratulating the former FC Basel member. In 51 appearances with the Elephants, the 34-year-old participated in his country’s crown at the CAN 2015 in Equatorial Guinea. He also defended the Ivorian colours at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. At the club, the Facobly native has won several collective and individual trophies.


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