Ivory Coast – 19 September 2002: 17 years later, Guillaume Soro cries with regret

The 2002 rebellion in Ivory Coast was the beginning of a long and very troubled period in that country. Several personalities lost their lives and almost irreversible scars were left in the hearts of the victims’ relatives. 17 years later, Guillaume Soro, one of the key actors in this armed uprising, remembers it and asks forgiveness.

He continues to advocate peace and reconciliation in Ivory coast. The former President of the Ivorian National Assembly, Guillaume Soro, recalls the moments of tension in his country following an attempted coup. On September 19th, 2002, armed men attempted to carry out a coup against the government. “In their objective“, they said, to fight for the accession of “democracy” and “equality of rights” between Ivorians from “the north and those from the south of Ivory Coast“, Afrique sur 7 reminded  .

Several people were killed and several families grieved. It was the beginning of ten years of conflict and crackling weapons. Thousands of people have died and others have escaped from the country. This dark part of Ivory Coast’s history is coming back to haunt its main actors who, after expressions of regret, ask for forgiveness.

Soro’s mea culpa

The former General Secretary of the New Forces, Guillaume Soro, one of the main actors in the rebellion, looks back on past events and expresses his regret. “17 years ago, the military uprising of September 19 th, 2002 broke out. During this difficult period, our country has been mourned. Families have lost loved ones. Wives have lost their husbands. Children have lost their fathers. The state has lost servants and not the least,” the MP recalled.

Not stopping there, Soro took the opportunity to ask forgiveness on his behalf and on behalf of his companions, to the entire Ivorian people. “On behalf of my fellow fighters, I renew my deep condolences to all the bereaved families and I implore God’s grace on our country. I reiterate the sincere Pardon I have always advocated, and I call on all actors and co-authors who would recognize themselves to do the same,” GKS said. Ivory Coast is heading towards a new presidential election in 2020 and the least we can say is that despite the calm, the atmosphere is tense and fears of new chaos remain.

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