Tensions between United State and Iran have increased since saturday’s attack on Saudi oil facilities. Iran has been singled out by Washington and Riyadh, which are threatening to launch retaliatory attacks. Denying any involvement, Iran does not intend to be complacecised.

Iran’s revolutionary guards’s commander warned that any country attacking the  republic islamic would see his territory become the “main battlefield” conflict, reported Al Jazzera. “Those who want their lands to become the main battlefield, go ahead,” the guards commander Hossein Salami, said at a news conference in Tehran. “We will never allow any war to encroach on Iranian territory,” he warned, before stressing: “Be careful, limited aggression will not remain limited. We are after the punishment and we will continue until the complete destruction of any aggressor.” (English)

This new statement by the head of Iran’s formidable Force of revolutionary guards comes as President Rouhani’s defence adviser on Friday warned the United States against possible attacks on his country. Since the beginning of tensions between Tehran and Washington due to the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear agreement, the two states have been bickering over several different ones. No attacks have yet taken place but tensions remain high.


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