Indonesia: 19 people died after an earthquake in the Moluccan’s Islands

After the earthquake that shook the archipelago in the east of the country, the final toll was 19 dead and 126 wounded. The 6.5 magnitude earthquake also caused enormous material damage.

The violent earthquake that struck eastern Indonesia last thursday at 8:46 a.m. local time killed thousands of people. The disaster management agency reduced the number of people killed during the tremors. According to the agency’s spokesman, Agus Wibowo, quoted by 20 minutes, an error was made in the “victims’ names’s identification”. After verification, the agency reports that the earthquake killed 19 people, injured 126 and displaced 15,000.

The disaster management agency had previously assessed the damage caused by the earthquakes in the Moluccan’s Islands in eastern Indonesia. According to the agency’s initial figures, the earthquake killed 20 to 23 people, injured about 100 others and caused extensive material damage. Hundreds of schools, houses, offices, were destroyed. The authorities have set up collective kitchens and tents to help displaced people in the archipelago.

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