Iffa ranking: France passes Brazilia and ranks behind Belgium (1st)

World champion in 2018, France is ahead of Brazilia in this September 2019 Fifa rankings. The Blues rank behind the Red Devils, who maintain their place as leaders on the world stage. Senegal, the best african team, is on the spot in the world (20th).

No major change for African teams. Senegal remains 20th in the FIFA Rankings, ahead of Tunisia 29th, Nigeria (34th, -1), Algeria (38th, 2nd) and Morocco (39th, 2nd). But on the other side of the sea, Belgium retains the first place. France, on the other hand, regained second place and thus passed Brazil (3rd), followed by England and Portugal respectively 4th and 5th (a place won). Then come Uruguay (6th), Spain (7th, two places won), Croatia, Colombia and Argentina come to complete the  10 top.


Here is the ranking:

1. Belgium 1752 pts

2. France 1725 pts

3. Brazil 1719 pts

4. England 1662 pts

5. Portugal 1643 pts

6. Uruguay 1639 pts

7. Spain 1631 pts

8. Croatia 1625 pts

9. Colombia 1622 pts

10. Argentina 1614 pts


20. Senegal 1546 pts

29. Tunisia 1493 pts

34. Nigeria 1482 pts

38. Algeria 1466 pts

39. Morocco 1463 pts

49. Egypt 1431 pts. S.L. (with MAP)

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