FIFA, the world football [email protected] Littoral

The International Football Association has unveiled its traditional ranking of the best nations in the world. On the african level, Senegal is at the top of the rankings accompanied by Tunisia and Nigeria.

Unsurprisingly, Algeria, crowned champion of the 2019 Egypt Africa Cup of Nations, moved up two places from 40th to 38th place. Morocco also climbs two places. On the world stage, Belgium is on the rankings followed by France and Brazilia.

Here are the top 10 of the best African teams:

1 – Senegal (20th World Cup)

2 – Tunisia (29th)

3 – Nigeria (34th)

4 – Algeria (38th)

5 – Morocco (39th)

6 – Egypt (49th)

7 – Ghana (51th)

8 – Cameroon (53th)

9 – DR Congo (55th)

10 – Ivory Coast (56th)

11 – Mali (57th)


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