ICC – End of Bensouda deadline: here is the decision of the court on the fate of Gbagbo and Blé Goudé

The suspense over the fate of Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé at the International Criminal Court (ICC) continues. The court again granted Fatou Bensouda a moratorium of a few days to decide whether or not she would appeal the Pre-Trial Chamber’s decision to acquit and release the accused.

This Friday, September 13th, 2019 was the last deadline for the ICC prosecutor to announce her decision on the acquittal of Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé. Well, Fatou Bensouda said she was going to appeal. She asked for a short delay to prepare the appeal.

According to the Koaci news site , the international court has given the prosecutor’s office until next Monday to express its decision, as requested. This time, Ivorians and all those who follow this marathon trial will not have to wait another 30 days. So on Monday, September 16th, Gbagbo and Blé Goudé should be set on their fate.

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