Laura Smet et son père Johnny Hallyday

The actress is very uplifted. On her Instagram account on thursday 19 September, Laura Smet shared a very virulent message against the wife of her late father, widow Laeticia Hallyday.

The latest changes made by Laeticia Hallyday in the file opposing her with  Taulier’s great children, are frowned upon by Laura Smet, the rocker’s eldest daughter. She made it known with a huge rant through a post on Instagram. “My father is going to be exhumed and I’m learning about it in the press. When will our filial bond be respected? Promises face camera but in reality nothing”. She wrote, captioning a picture of her father putting his hands on his face.

Continuing her message, Laura Smet attacks her father’s “reinvented artistic entourage.” She obviously took the end of the collaboration of her father’s last manager, Sébastien Farran, who according to the actress was pushed towards the exit by Laeticia Hallyday who replaced him with Michel Jankielewicz, “And I am told about the wishes of my father”. Also Laura Smet who is especially upset about the latest legal changes decided by Laeticia Hallyday, who has separated from her lawyer to hire the three advice of her father. “His legal entourage now with changes every 3 weeks and a fraudster to order”.

In the rest of her message Laura Smet, the eldest daughter of Johnny Hallyday, says that there is no question of giving up. On the contrary, it is more up than ever. “It’s going to be a long time and energy, I’d fight for my father’s image to live up to his immense talent.” The next hearing for the call of the Taulier’s legacy trial is scheduled for 6 november at the Nanterre court.


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