Lionel Zinsou

According to an article in the Letter of the Continent, the Franco-Beninese, Lionel Zinsou, has won another mandate in Côte d’Ivoire. It is through the Southbridge bank of which he is co-founder.

“Lionel Zinsou wins the trust of the President of the ivoirian Alassane Ouattara. After winning several mandates, including the one dedicated to the development of the ivorian refinery company (Irc), he has just obtained the one that will accompany the structures of the future strategic development fund of tourism. Sihandou Fofana, ivorian Minister of Tourism, was in Paris to discuss the case with the investment banker. Lionel Zinsou has therefore, reports the letter of the container, this mandate amounting to $500 million.

Very close to the ivorian president, the former prime minister of Boni Yayi, an unfortunate candidate for the 2016 presidential election in Benin, has brought several french investors to Gold Coast. Investors are working for the emergence of the ivorian economy through the hotel and airport sectors.


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