Gabon – Vacancy of power: executives, Notable and dignitaries join “Appel à agir”(call for action)

The Collective of Elders, Executives, Elders and dignitaries of the Gabonese Republic calls for the immediate and unconditional declaration of the power vacuum.

Ali Bongo has not finished being challenged as head of state of Gabon. Since his stroke and months of recovery in Morocco before returning home, doubts have surfaced about his ability to lead the country. After the “Appel à agir” collective, it is the Collective of Elders, Executives Elders and dignitaries of the Gabonese Republic’s turn to urge the declaration of the power vacuum.

Today more than yesterday, when it comes to creating a dynamic around a single opposition candidate for the presidential election in August 2016, there is a clear consensus on this. This imperative is both constant and obvious. It must allow the country to be restored to the constitutional norm and institutional forms worthy of a modern, respectable and respected state, so that every Gabonese native and adoptive, within and outside our borders, can feel proud of his country,” said the spokesperson for the collective, Kakou Mayaza, former Gabonese minister.

(…) the current situation

Quoted by GMT, he says that “the chalice of shame and indignity is too full for us to drink to the point of being insensitive“, pointing out that the Gabonese people “cannot remain insensitive or escape this unnamed crisis without the risk of being condemned by history and future generations“. Needless to say, the collective does not believe in the capacity of Ali Bongo to assume his responsibilities as president.

Euphraise Nyangui, spokesman for the Collective of Women Citizens, says that “in the light of the gravity of the situation at the moment, let us mobilize and act tirelessly, demand the declaration of the vacancy of power, so that the institutional drift created by a simple State clerk, who is not vested with any constitutional prerogative, be it the chief of staff of a president of the usurping and illusive Republic legitimate“.


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