France: Police arrest a man who throws cockroaches at his neighbours

A man was brought before the court this week for his provocative behaviour towards his neighbours. He used to annoy his last ones by throwing cockroaches at them.

The police had to intervene in a building during a quarrel between neighbours. A man in his thirties was arrested for beating his neighbour with sticks.

The events took place last Monday in the La Chamberte district of Montpellier. In a dispute between neighbours that took a different turn, a 37-year-old man was beaten several times with a stick by his neighbour. The assailant told the police the reasons for his action. According to him, his neighbour had also beaten him the day before, so he decided to take his revenge. But the police took the victim, the assailant and his wife who was present at the scene. They were then taken into police custody. After investigations, the investigators understood that the assailant had made a false statement. According to the elements of the investigation, he is the only one to blame in history. He is regularly violent with his neighbours. The police also discovered that he was making life difficult for those around him by throwing cockroaches he had previously collected at the residents of the building.

According to some local media reports, the victim has been released and is not being prosecuted. The 38-year-old offender was brought before the court to answer for his actions. As for his 40-year-old wife, she was entitled to a recall to the law.

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