Emmanuel Macron French President

President Emmanuel Macron spoke through a television address on  thursday evening of 26 september  2019. His speech focused on the former French President Jacques Chirac death and his career.

Early this thursday, Jacques Chirac’s family announced the death of the former president at the age of 86. His death caused a reaction from several french and foreign political figures. Very touched, the current french President Emmanuel Macron, spoke this evening at 8pm, through a television address to pay tribute to the illustrious deceased.

We, french, lose tonight a statesman we loved as much as he loved us,” Emmanuel Macron said on thursday evening during a television broadcast to pay tribute to Jacques Chirac who died at the age of 86. “We all recognized ourselves in this man who resembled us and gathered us together,” he said, before recalling his political career, a man who reached “the highest offices without ever forgetting his roots”. A man “who has known everything about the political life of our country”.

“Tonight, President Jacques Chirac is not only cried in France, he is across Europe and Africa that he loves so much,” continues Emmanuelle Macron, who adds: “Jacques Chirac is a great Frenchman… He was a french destiny.

Jacques Chirac was President of Republic for twelve years, from 1995 to 2007, twice Prime Minister, three times Mayor of Paris, party leader and minister repeatedly. Sick, he had not appeared in public for several years before his family announced his death on thursday.


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