France: Firefighters discover a corpse with sex notched in a park

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, rescue services discovered the naked corpse of a man in the woods of Vincennes. The victim’s face was swollen and his sex was notched.

The fire brigade made a horrible discovery on the night of Wednesday, September 11 th. They found a corpse with the sex notched in the woods of Vincennes park . According to local media reports, the victim’s body, a man in his fifties, was naked and his face swollen.

Rescue was alerted around midnight for a car fire on the Pyramid Road in Vincennes Woods. Once on the scene, they discovered, about 30 metres from the vehicle, a man in cardiac arrest on the ground. It was automatically taken over by the rescue services before the arrival of the Samu, who continued the manoeuvres once on site. Unfortunately, the man was declared dead at midnight after the failure of the resuscitation attempts.

A stick with traces of blood found

The investigation was entrusted to the criminal brigade of the Parisian judicial police. According to initial evidence, the body was half naked and showed signs of facial violence. Other remarks: the victim’s sex would be slashed and a stick with traces of blood was found near the body. According to the police, the victim was a homeless Polish man born in 1956. The firefighters also noticed the presence of another homeless, drunk on the scene. He will be heard by the investigators, who for the time being cannot affirm or deny that he is involved in this homicide.

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