France : A mother forces her dauther to play a violinon on the street

In a Nantes’s neighbourhood, a mother has found a way to punish her daughter when she is at fault. She forces her to play the violin in the street.

In Nantes city’s bad-known neibourhood, (in Loire-Atlantic), a mother forced her 14-year-old daughter to play the violin in the street as punishment. Presented in court, the woman said, “We wanted her to understand the value of things.”

According to information relayed by Le Parisien, parental authority was withdrawn on wednesday to the defendant who is a transgender mother. The 49-year-old had been accused of “exploiting the begging of others by ascendant” and “habitual violence” for seven years. His daughter would have broken a violin with her teeth. She then felt that she had to pay it back with money. The victim should play the violin in the street and bring home at least 10 euros. Apart from this punishment, the girl was subjected to other abuses such as fork slapping, slapping, spanking and ears pulled… The mother who has never worked and receives the Active Solidarity Income, said that the daughter has not been vaccinated for ten years.

Authorities placed the teenager in a house, as her second mother had been hospitalized to treat her alcoholism. The defendant was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence. In addition to her sentence, she was paid 3,000 euros in damages and interest, which she had to pay to her daughter.

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