On Thursday, September 19 th, 2019, the police arrested a scooter driver who hit a police officer on the quays of Laval. His blood alcohol level was positive at 2.60 g.

On the quays of the city of Laval in the French department of Mayenne, police arrested a scooter driver. The driver was driving in the wrong direction and hit a police officer.

According to the police who relayed the facts on twitter, police officers saw, before the incident, a man approaching while driving in a prohibited direction. Police reported that the scooter hit a police officer. When questioned by the officers, the offending man was tested for alcohol. According to the test results, the scooter driver was driving with 2.60 g of alcohol in his blood.

The officer who was struck ended up with “bruises and dermabrasions”. The accused has been remanded in custody and will be brought before a court.


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