France: A child stabs the man who was hitting his mother

In the French department of Vendée, a boy tried to separate a fighting couple. The child then stabbed the man who was hitting his mother with a knife.

A young boy who regularly witnessed a couple’s quarrels, living in Challans, finally reacted. While his mother was being beaten by a violent man, the little boy seized a knife… The court in Les Sables-d’Olonne sentenced the companion last Wednesday to three years in prison.

On September 10th, at the time of the incident, the man was violent towards his partner. Indeed, the defendant who is unemployed lived with the woman with her two children. For once, which is not the first time, he hit his victim who was crying out: “he’s going to kill me, he’s going to kill me”. Alerted by his mother’s cries, the boy, aged 8 to 9, came out of his room and tried to separate the couple. Pushed by the man, the child takes a knife, stabs him in the lower back and chest, before running to the neighbours. Called by the companion, the rescuers transported the injured man to Nantes University Hospital. As for the boy’s mother, the punches she received in the head resulted in a total interruption of ten days of work.

When she was heard, she reported at least three other fairly significant acts of violence, without ever filing a complaint,” explained Éric Bret, the vice-prosecutor of Les Sables-d’Olonne. As soon as he came out of care last Tuesday, the companion was taken into police custody at the station. He was tried this Wednesday, September 17th, in immediate court and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment, including a two-year suspended sentence. According to local media reports, the little boy will not be prosecuted because of the punches he received.

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