Paris SG: Neymar and Cavani active in the Tuchel group against Real Madrid Ph: PSG - Neymar

Hit by the supporters critics upon his arrival, Neymar was the great hero of this Saturday  September 14th, 2019 against Strasbourg. Thanks to a magnificent acrobatic twist, the Brazilian team won (1-0).

It took the last few minutes at the Parc des Princes to see a genius “Neymar” change the game . While the PSG seems to be heading towards a blank score with Strasbourg, Brazil is winning its own with a magnificent acrobatic twist. This is enough to push a sigh of relief in a meeting in which the opponent still had his last word. A few minutes later, Neymar celebrates a double… before his second goal was canceled for an off-game of Di Maria starting the counter-attack. Brazil signs his return to the Parisian ship by giving an unexpected victory to the c capital club (1-0).

Targeted by critics of Parisian supporters, Neymar’s goal sounds like a firm response to critics before the Champions League match against Real Madrid next Wednesday.


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