Emmanuel Macron: this is the day he was mocked for losing a gift from Brigitte

Published on 11 september, the book “Emmanuel, the false prophet” written by Julien Aubert, describes a past of the french president still studying and in love with his teacher. As it can be read, the President of french Republic, Emmanuel Macron, a student then, was furious that he had lost a gift offered by Brigitte.

In his book ”Emmanuel, the false prophet”, Julien Aubert recounts the ‘only time’ when ‘Manu’ was “overwhelmed by an emotion”. Touched by the loss of a gift given to him by his french teacher, Brigitte Torgneux, now his wife, the man who has since become  Republic President,has tried everything to get his hands on it.

It was a very complicated and panicked moment for former ENA student Emmanuel Macron, who is in love with his former teacher. As Julien Aubert recounts in his book published on 11 september 2019, he sent “a collective email where he absolutely wanted to find a scarf offered by his wife”. At the time, the call for help from the current president of the French republic had amused many of his comrades. “Some people had kindly mocked it, finding it strange that this discreet boy would make so much ramdam for a scarf,” said Julien Aubert, the author of the book, who is only a former comrade of the French president. He saw Macron’s approach as very remarkable. This has also touched him. Curious to learn more, he decided to invite Emmanuel Macron to the restaurant. “This guy seemed like a good guy to me,” he wrote today.

Réactions de Brigitte et proches

Yet criticism has become commonplace for Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, who have been attacked in particular over their age difference. But obviously, Brigitte Macron did not hold it against him since the presidential couple seems more invincible than ever, informs the website Closer Mag.

This age difference has caused a lot of ink and saliva to flow. But in one of the shows ”Balance your post”, Tiphaine Auziere, Brigitte Macron’s daughter, reacted: “From my point of view, it’s a very nice story. That anyone who looks at it from the outside can keep their comments derogatory. I find that love always deserves to be highlighted, regardless of age, difference, origin, gender.”

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