Electricity: Nigeria threatens to cut benin, Togo and Niger

Benin and Niger may be without electricity if they are not careful. In an article published by the Africa Meetings, the two countries owe a heavy sum of money to the Giant of the East.

There is an electrical crisis in Nigeria. A commission has been set up to identify responsibilities. After a study, the commission determined that the greatest challenge to the viability of industry remains energy self-sufficiency. But the problem is that several foreign consumers including the benin electricity community (Bec) and the Nigerian electricity company (Nigelec). According to the same source, these international customers owe 13.1 billion euros to Nigeria in the first quarter of 2019.

If the three countries, as Togo, Benin and Niger, do not pay their debts amounting to 12.8 billion euros Nigeria to carry out its threats to suspend the supply of electricity.To be convinced, already in July 2018, Muhammadu Buhari’s country had threatened to cut off the supply of power if the same countries did not pay their debt with in a reasonable time. This other threat, which comes a few days after the closure of land borders, could be enforceable if the leaders of the three countries concerned do not rush to purge their slate.

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