Egypt: Several soldiers targeted in Sinai attack

At least two Egyptian soldiers were killed and eight others wounded in a series of attacks by a local Islamic State (IS) group against several of the Egyptian army’s targets in the town of Sheikh Zuwayed, in the northeast of Sinai.

Medical sources at El-Arish Military Hospital in Sinai told The New Arab that the corpses of two soldiers arrived at the hospital, in addition to eight wounded, following simultaneous attacks in Sheikh Zuwayed on Tuesday morning. They stated that officers were among the wounded, who were now undergoing operations and treatment. Witnesses and sources from local tribes reported that “Sinai Province“, a name of the EI subsidiary, had targeted an army vehicle with a device bomb near the village of Al-Shallaq, west of Sheikh Zuwayed, injuring the soldiers on board.

They also reported that soldiers guarding a well in the village of Qabr Umair, near Sheikh Zuwayed, had been targeted by an anti-tank shell, killing more people. IS activists also engaged in a one-hour battle against soldiers at another post near Sheikh Zuwayed. The Egyptian army has been involved for many years in conflicts against insurgent militants in northern Sinai. The insurgency intensified following the 2013 military coup against the first democratically elected Egyptian president, Mohammed Morsi.

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