DRC FDLR leader neutralized: Kigali welcomes “good news for peace and security”

The Congolese army announced on Wednesday that it had “neutralized” the leader of the démocratic  libération Forces rebellion of Rwanda wanted by several jurisdictions. In Kigali, the authorities are delighted with this announcement.

According to Secretary of State Olivier Nduhungirehe, the death of “Sylvestre Mudacumura is good news for peace and security in the region. With his genocidal group, the FDLR, he destabilized the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), killing Congolese and Rwandans. For Kigali, his death confirms the commitment of (Congolese) President Felix Tshisekedi to fight negative forces and paves the way for a new era of positive and peaceful cooperation between the DRC and the countries of the region.

RDC : le chef de la rébellion rwandaise FDLR neutralisé par l’armée

Wanted by Congolese justice, FDRL Supreme Leader Sylvestre Mudacumura has also been under arrest by the International Court since 2012. But after his passing, several questions remain about the circumstances of his death.  The Congolese army spokesman explained that Sylvestre Mudacumura and his lieutenants had been “located and surprised” before being “permanently neutralized“, without giving any further details. But this explanation is far from convincing the organizations and populations of the region who want the army to clearly explain the circumstances in which it was “neutralized“.

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