DJ Arafat: the disappearance of his phone and his computer reported

Tina Glamour, mother of artist DJ Arafat who died in a traffic accident, broke her silence on Tuesday 17 september 2019, a few weeks after her son’s funeral. It was during an interview with Ivoire Tv Music where she reported the disappearance of some elements of DJ Arafat’s work.

Since the announcement of his death, DJ Arafat’s phone and computer have been disappeared. This is what his mother announced today, who invited the wearer to make them as possible. “I want to say… Everyone who has DJ Arafat’s computer, let them bring it back because the hard drive is my son’s soul. The computer and the phone has disappeared…,” she said.

Moreover, she doesn’t want the “YoroGang” group to continue  functioning. Tina Glamour wants to perpetuate her son’s work; but not with those who make up the artist’s entourage today. She prefers to take the matters into her own hands.

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