DJ Arafat: His mother dissolves the “YoroGang” after his funeral

After DJ Arafat‘s funeral on August 30th and 31st, 2019, his mother returned to the media scene. In an interview with Ivoire Tv Music this Tuesday, September 17th, 2019, Tina Glamou spoke out on some of the burning issues that marked the death and funeral of her son. On occasion, she spoke especially about the future of the group “YoroGang” led by DJ Arafat.

The “YoroGang” is over. This was decided by the mother of the king of the “coupé-décalé”. She no longer wants to hear about it and challenges anyone who claims to be the leader of this group. “There will be no YoroGang. I’m dissolving the YoroGang. The person who is going to have fun saying that he is the boss of the YoroGang, he will feel me on my way because he will have an interpretative summons to justice,” she warns.

A few years ago, however, the group’s management was entrusted to Landry Agban with objectives to be achieved for the sustainability of the artist’s works. He is expected to be assisted in this mission by other members including Djupro Didier alias Olo Kpatcha as Deputy Director. As a reminder, the owner of the “Yorogang” died on Monday, August 12th,2019 in a serious motorcycle accident and was buried on Saturday, August 31st,2019 after a national tribute organized by the Ivorian state.

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