DJ Arafat: a witness returns in detail to the scene of his accident

In the night of Sunday, August 11 to Monday, August 12, 2019, the artist DJ Arafat had been the victim of a serious motorcycle accident that caused his death. In the classical and social media several versions of the accident scene had been served to the public. A few weeks after the funeral of the artist, one of his relatives, returns in detail on the facts

Like wildfire, the information quickly spread. DJ Arafat killed in a serious traffic accident. All that could be seen in the videos and in the images that flooded social media early  was a man lying on the pavement bleeding, a big motorcycle almost crushed and a car whose rear was violently hit.

On the floor was Ange Didier Houon, aka DJ Arafat, who could neither speak nor move. According to one of his relatives who confided in Radio Nostalgie, the artist was far from thinking that he was the victim of a serious accident that night. To believe it, everything was going well between the artist and his biker friends

The facts…

After his show in Treichville as part of his “Moto Moto Tour”, DJ Arafat and his biker friends met on the evening of Sunday, August 11 in Cocody Angré. According to the relative named Ishmael, the artist had not taken alcohol this evening; but he was very excited to do a spectacular demonstration with his motorcycle. “Arafat very car roll on the rear wheel of the bike… The lady who was driving the car couldn’t see it. And then the headlights of the bike were directed to the sky…,” he said, according to reports by Afrik Soir.

In a split second the drama happened. It was now necessary to rescue the injured including DJ Arafat who was in a visibly very critical condition. “He didn’t have his helmet… His hands were shaking, he was bleeding…Unfortunately,  all attempts to gain access to the emergency services were not immediately successful. He said it was later that a Samu’s vehicle arrived at the scene after a phone call. He was taken to a local polyclinic, but did not survive. He goes from life to death leaving behind him closes and fans in sadness.

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